- C R E C H E - 

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Mums, we know how hard it is sometimes to fill your cup up and that's exactly why we have created our creche for your babies, whilst you go and recharge in one of our classes or our day spa.

Our creche operates: 

Monday: 10am to 12pm

Tuesday: 10am to 12pm

Thursday: 10am to 12pm

Friday: 10am to 12pm 



Creche fee is included in our Unlimited Membership or charged at an additional $10 for up to two children

Please note, our creche is suitable for newborns to children 8yrs 

The policies and procedures of our creche are as below: 

  • Maximum time allowed per day: 1.5 hours.

  • For the well-being of other children, please do not bring your child to the creche if he/she is unwell or displaying flu like symptoms.

  • No food is permitted within the creche area.

  • Please label all belongings with his/her name.

  • The creche provides age appropriate toys.  For safety and hygienic reasons we ask that children refrain from bringing their own toys to the creche area.

  • Please ensure your child uses the bathroom, or is freshly diapered before attending the creche. We do not take children to the toilet or change nappies.  We will come and get you from the class should your child need a clean nappy or to use the toilet.

  • Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.  In these circumstances, parents will be notified immediately.

  • If a child is inconsolable for more than 10 minutes, parents will be notified to return to the creche area.

  • Children will ONLY be released to the person who dropped them off.

  • Medications will not be administered by staff.

  • Creche charges will be charged to the card on your Glofox account. 

  • Children are not permitted in our Studio Room. 

- C R E C H E   P O L I C I E S  &  P R O C E D U R E S -