- W E L C O M E  T O  Y O G A -

If you are new to Yoga we strongly encourage that you watch our Welcome to Yoga video prior to commencing any of our pre-recorded classes.  If you are pregnant, or have any pre-existing medical conditions we strongly advise that you seek medical advice prior to completing any of our classes.  As always, please listen to your body and stop any movements that may cause you pain or discomfort. 


This short video explores the foundations of yoga and breath technique.   You will often hear our Teachers refer to this video, we recommend watching this video prior to conducting any of our online classes. 

Teacher: Penny Todman

- M E E T  O U R  T E A C H E R S -

Meet Penny Todman

Penny is an experienced Yoga teacher who is extremely passionate about womens' circles and retreats.  Penny is also an extremely talented cook and her raw cheesecakes may be the best thing we have ever eaten (highly recommend salted caramel).  Be sure to follow Penny on her social media accounts @pennytodman_sauchaliving.

Meet Georgie Rutherford 

Georgie has just graduated from her 200 hour yoga teacher training and we are so glad to have found her.  Georgie prefers teaching slow flow and yin yoga and connecting to self whilst practising.

Meet Martina Selwood

Martina has been a yoga teacher for 10 years training in vinyasa flow.  Martina has since completed her training as a yoga therapist specialising is womens health, menstruation, fertility and pregnancy.

Meet Monique Lovick 

Monique is a personal trainer and yoga teacher with 300 hours training under her belt.  A few months ago Mon welcomed her second baby boy Ruben into the world and has kindly provided a few meditations for us whilst enjoying the newborn bubble.  We cant wait to her back on the mat for the Studio.