- P I L A T E S  C L A S S E S -

Group of people doing the mermaid pilate

In our boutique pilates classes we use a reformer bed which allows us to increase or decrease tension to create stability or instability, depending the on the muscle group we want to focus on. We can make the workout harder or easier with the change of a single spring, allowing us to cater to many different fitness levels. 

Our reformer classes are fun, high energy and will have you working bits of your body you never knew about. Reformer is seriously addictive! 



PLEASE NOTE our classes are not suitable if you have an injury or are prenatal. Lucky for you, we have some amazing highly qualified locals to support you through your pregnancy or rehabilitation.  We highly recommend the lovely Rachel Bettinzoli at RPT - 6360 4442.

- R E F O R M E R  B A S I C S - 


This is our reformer fundamentals class, here we take you through posture, breath and control.  This is compulsory for all our clients new to pilates (Welcome! Seriously addictive).  This class will assist you in getting the most out of your classes ensuring correct alignment, breathing, engaged core and a relaxed mind. 

30 MINS - Beginner (or anyone needing a refresher) 





- R E F O R M E R   F L O W - 

Our all-round feel good class where we focus on a whole body flow or mix it up and work on your assets - arms, legs, booty!  We tie all this in with minimal spring changes, props and a killer playlist.  You will be so busy singing you will forget all about that burn. 

Beginner?  We got you! Class comes with full modifications to adjust to your level of ability. 

45 MINS - Intermediate to Advance (beginner modifications provided).

Not suitable for: 

- Clients with injuries 

- Prenatal clients 

- R E F O R M E R  J U M P - 

This high energy cardio class works your core with every jump.  Your heart rate will rise, and you will sweat with this low impact, high intensity workout.  These classes are teamed with an all RNB playlist for complete workout perfection. 

45 MINS - Intermediate to Advance 

Not suitable for:

- Prenatal clients 
- Clients with injuries 
- Clients over the age of 65 years