W I N T E R  R E S E T  C H A L L E N G E

OUR VERY FIRST SEED RESET, YAY! We are so excited.

Do you lose motivation over Winter?  WE SURE DO!!!

We want to help you stay motivated to come to your classes, provide you with nourishing seasonal meals that support your immunity during those colder months and help to nourish that beautiful mind of yours for absolute body and mind alchemy. 

Studio Seed has teamed up with Naturopath, and fellow Orange local, Alice Flannery to provide just that, body and mind alchemy. 

Soooo.... with that being said, lets get into the dets!

How long does it go for?

7 Weeks, starting on the 5th of July. 

How many classes do I get?

21 classes - your choice of either two pilates and one yoga, or, two yoga, one pilates.  Your choice depending on your soul goal.  We do however recommend combining the two as they really are the mac to the other ones cheese. 

Can I go at any time of the day, or are there certain classes we can attend? 

You have access to our whole timetable.  Choose the classes that suit you, are your times.  We currently have 48 classes a week on our timetable with special pop up classes that we will make available to you. 

What are the meals like?

All the meals were designed with Mums in mind - quick and easy meals!  They use seasonal produce (easy to get!) and can easily be adapted to suit vegetarians and other dietary requirements you may have.  The best part is that they contain foods, herbs and spices that naturally work to boost your immune system - bonus!

Do I need to be a member to access?

No.  Our Reset is open for newbies too!  Members of course do get the cost perks.

Soooo.... what is the investment? 

Hence, investment - not costs!  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so after this your should be well and truely set up to make choices that make you and your body feel great. 

Newbies: $580 

SEED Yoga Members: $360

SEED Pilates $300

SEED Unlimited: $200 

Payment Options?

If you would like to discuss payment options that work for you, send us an email at hello@studiodeedorange.com.au.

Are there any extras? 

We are so glad you asked!  You can add the following to your reset, at an additional cost: 

Organic Produce Box supplied by Block 11 Organics. 

Produce will include what you need for your meals for the week AND will be delivered to the Studio every Monday. 

1:1 Naturopath Consultation with Alice Flannery. 

Okay, okay, so where to I purchase? 

Simple, click the link below and be magically transported to Glofox which holds all our Studio goodness Xx 

Still have some questions for us? Send us an email here: