- Y O G A -

Yoga Child's Pose

New to yoga or a seasoned regular?  Our classes have all basis covered!

Slow Flow (all levels) 

Connect with your body as we move through a gentle flow, holding each pose a little longer to release tension and calm the mind.  This class will leave you feeling calm, grounded and ready to breeze into the rest of your day. 

Restorative Yoga (all levels) 

The perfect class for anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  We use props to allow the body to be fully supported and comfortable so you can surrender and soften the muscles.  This class is the perfect reset for the nervous system. 

Vinyasa Flow (all levels)

Connect with the rhythm of your breath as we increase our heart rate through flowing movement.  Each class will be different but by the end of each class you can expect your body to feel challenged in all the right ways, and ready to deeply relax with a guided meditation. 

Yin Yoga (all levels)


This class is designed to release deep tension of the muscles and fascia.  The longer held poses in this class help to bring greater mobility of the joints, longer muscles and a calmer mind. 

Mums and Bubs 

Feel at ease having your bub by your side as you rebuild core strength and stability.  This class has a focus on pelvic floor toning, releasing upper back and neck tension (from holding bub) and allowing you to feel re-energised in a safe and supportive environment. 

Express Flow (all levels) 

A condensed version of our vinyasa flow class, perfect to fit into your lunch break.  After this class you will feel longer, stronger and energised. 

Express Stretch and Release (all levels)

This class will focus on releasing tension from the neck, back and hips through stretches specifically designed to target these areas.  You will leave feeling lighter and ready for a productive afternoon.